Welcome to our little Geocaching page!

 This page is where Tractorbabe and I will put things of a geocaching nature so that we might share with others those things we find a need to share. The page was originally intended to house a variety of printable logbooks I've made in both PDF format and Word format (Word format docs are mostly aimed at editable logs that will allow you to customize them to suit your needs, such as adding your own logo or blank area that may be stamped or personalized in some other way. PDF's cannot be edited.).

 As there will likely be other things for this page to accomodate in the future, I'll use it to link to them as well. I hope it may be of some help to someone looking for logs or stickers that can be printed at home and stapled together (logs) or stuck to caches to identify them to muggles and other civilian types as official geocaching items. I made these after finding free logs on the web and wanting, as I always do, something that was more personal and less generic. Feel free to download anything you find here that you like. As I edit and add sizes and styles, I will add links to them here, so check back occasionally for updates. If there is anything that you need that you can't find here, send me an email and let me know what it is and I'll try to accomodate your needs when time allows.


Mini log: Cut into four strips and staple together. Will fit micro caches. (Example)

Large log: Cut into four rectangles and staple for logs that are medium/large. Gives a bit more room for adding notes. (Example)


Large log interior pages: Insert between upper left and lower right of log on left to give a total of 8 pages to the large log.

Mini customizable: This log has a blank area where the geocaching logo is on the regular mini, so that you can add your personal stamp. Download a Word document here that you can open in Microsoft Word and add your own graphic to. (Example) Too cool, huh?

Large customizable: This sheet is the same as the large log above, but has a blank square where the geocaching logo was so, again, you can add your own stamp. Download a Word doc here that will allow you to paste in a graphic. (Example) For extra pages, use the interior page here.

Official geocache sticker: This page prints out 10 card-sized 'stickers' (you have to apply gluestick to stick them...) that you can put inside your cache to identify it as official. Printer ink will not stand up to weather, so not for exteriors! (Example)



We hope you are able to put these logs (and whatever other items I get time to create) to good use. It seems silly to buy them when they're easy enough to print out and put together. And remember, if you see this card in your cache, it means we've found you!

Geocaching: It's not just an adventure, it's a sickness!